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Recreational Classes

These classes are designed for a beginner level dancer and require no previous dance experience. We offer recreational classes for ages 2-11. We do require a one time, annual registration fee for enrollment, which is $35. If your dancer wishes to try a class before enrolling our trial class fee is $20, which will go towards your first months tuition. Please fill out our form below and you will receive a confirmation email stating that your trial spot is held or that we have received your registration fee. This email will also contain details regarding  about your dancer's first class. 

*All dancers must complete an enrollment form in order to participate in class.

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Class Options

Kinder COlab 

This class is designed for tiny dancers ages 3-6 This class consists of ballet, tap and basic movement fundamentals. Your dancer will learn basic dance terminology and improv their musicality and rhythm.

Shoes: Pink Ballet Shoes, Black Tap Shoes

Cost: $60 Monthly


Intro To Dance 

This is a beginner level dance class for ages 5-11 In this class dancers will work on flexibility, basic technique, and movement quality. They will also get to experience jazz and contemporary techniques with some emphasis on improvisation.

Shoes: Tan Bloch Pulse Jazz Shoes
Cost: $60 Monthly


Ballet and Tap Combo

This is a beginner level dance class for ages 5-11. In this class dancers will learn the basics of ballet and tap technique. Your dancer will learn basic terminology along with work on rhythm and ballet positions.

Shoes: Black Tap Shoes and Pink Ballet Shoes
Cost: $60 Monthly


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