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Training and Consistency

Our company dancers get training in a variety of styles including ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap, improvisation, lyrical and technique. We use resistance training to help build their strength and flexibility. Each age group has designated class time apart from their routine schedule. All choreography is learned on a selected date to ensure it does not take away from other class time. We put a strong emphasis on growth and artistry. This means doing journal assignments and team building activities to ensure we have a positive team environment along with helping to train a well rounded person and artist. Our company is made up of dancers ages 5-18 and an audition is required to be accepted into the program. Our younger dancers train 5.5 hours a week and our older members train 9 hours a week. All age groups are required to be there a minimum of three days a week and have the opportunity to add extra days if they want to. 

Conventions and Competitions

Our company is required to attend two regional conventions, one regional competition, and a convention nationals in the Summer each season. Previously we have attended Rainbow, Hollywood Connection, Heat, and Revive. We put a strong emphasis on convention classes and feel as if dancers grow the most when they are pushed outside of their comfort zone. Convention is also a great way for dancers to learn from other choreographers and increase their ability to quickly pick up choreography in a variety of styles. We also require our dancers to take one of our Summer Intensives each year and we bring in master teachers as much as we can to ensure that our dancers are getting a well rounded dance education. Our Company program is a year long commitment.


Company Achievements

After being open for a little over a year we are so grateful to all of our families and so proud of how much growth we've seen in our dancers. Our studio has won numerous awards some including: Best Concept at Hollywood Connection Nationals, Best Choreography at Hollywod Connection Nationals, The Inspiration Award from Heat Dance convention, three IDA nominations from Rainbow Dance Competition, and Highest scoring small group at Hollywood Connection Nationals. We also achieved 3 perfect scores during our regional season and 2 perfect scores at Nationals this past year! Many of our dancers have had the opportunity to compete for  icon of the year at Hollywood Connection Nationals, received acceptance into the The Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive, and Perry Mansfield Summer Intensive through the Arizona Jazz Dance Showcase. Along with the required regionals our company dancers are also given the opportunity to attend additional cities including Las Vegas and San Diego to compete and take class. You can view some of our work by clicking the link to our YouTube Channel or by following us on Instagram and Facebook. If you are interested in joining our company please follow the link below to view our Summer Intensives and Auditions page.

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