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Drop In Classes

Drop in classes are perfect for dancers trying to add hours to their already existing dance schedule, or for dancers who are trying to get a feel for our program and teaching styles. All of our drop in classes are available to dancers ages 8 and older who are currently at an intermediate or advanced level.


5:00-6:00 Technique
6:00-6:30 Stretch
6:30-7:30 Improv/Combo

Tuesdays 5-7:30PM

Cost: $35

Dancers ages 8-11

Wednesdays 5:00-8:30


5:00-6:00 Ballet

6:00-7:00 Technique

7:00-7:30 Stretch

7:30-8:30 Combo

Cost: $40

Dancers ages 12-18

*All dancers must complete an enrollment form to participate in class


Additional Pop Up Classes

Please be sure to fill out the sign up forms for each class and also fill out our registration link below for billing and payment


Fun Friday

May 5th
Cost: $45

We will be breaking classes down into Hip Hop, Tap, improvisation, and stretch and strength. This class is open to all dancers ages 8+.


Stretch and Strength

May 30th
Cost: $40

June 14th
Cost: $40

This is a great class for dancers ages 8+ to gain strength and flexibility! We will be working with blocks and therabands. If your dancer has a theraband please have them bring it.


Master Class With Marquez

June 9th
Cost: $50

Marquez Johnson holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance degree from the University of Arizona as well as a

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. Marquez is on faculty at

the University of Arizona’s School of Dance as an Instructor of Dance choreographing for various local

events while teaching Jazz and Hip-Hop.

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